‘If your organization does not have a solid handle on what IT is supposed to do - you will fail in the long run. That is certain’ – Gartner

Questions to the CEO:

1. Do you want to be ahead of your competitors?

2. Do you want to grow your sales and increase customer service?

3. Is your IT strategic by helping you differentiate, increase productivity and cut costs?

AVA Consulting

What is a Free Technology Assessment?
A Technology Assessment is a high level, brief summary of your technology goals and needs. A consultant spends half a day with senior management to understand business goals, objectives and technology needs.

At the conclusion we will produce a brief report detailing our findings. Our findings in general lead to two conclusions:

Your technology needs are in line with your business goals. You may have some minimal tweaking to do. Overall you are good and will keep your competitors wake at night!
Your technology needs are not in line with your business goals. You do not have an overall plan in place and are not doing beneficial ROI on your technology expenditures. Your competitors do not have much to worry about!
How to Qualify?
To make sure we get a good understanding of the business and technology applicability we need access to the stakeholders and decision makers.
What is a Strategic IT Roadmap?
If we can demonstrate how your company can benefit from the strategic value of technology and the cost savings in the long run we recommend a Strategic IT Roadmap, Simply put, the Strategic IT Roadmap is letting you know how to spend wisely and correctly on your IT investments with an implementation plan. It is a roadmap followed by a detailed action plan on what needs to be done now and in the future in the most efficient and cost effective way.

As you expand, your spending on your IT investments will increase. Typically you start adding pieces of hardware and software as the situation demands. The end result is mismatched systems that do not talk to each other and become less and less effective. Over a period of time you will spend more and more fixing them and trying to make them work. Soon you wonder with all this money you are pouring in – are you getting your returns (ROI) with low (TCO) total cost of ownership?

Or you may be at the other end where you are still crawling along with your old or no systems as you do not have the comfort level or confidence to invest correctly.

Whatever the case let us help you invest correctly in a cost effective and efficient manner guaranteeing success.
How does a Strategic IT Roadmap benefit me?
You can be assured your IT investments are being used in the most efficient and cost effective manner. Your IT will not only fulfill your operational needs efficiently but more importantly become strategic in nature hence fulfilling your long term goals and objectives and ensuring long term viability, growth and success.
How long does it take and what is the cost?
About five days. Two days to interview/fact finding and three days to analyze and write the report. Our unique set of tools and methodology ensure a rapid and effective delivery. Our cost is only our consulting effort.
Why AVA?
AVA Consulting has helped businesses leverage technologies to improve business productivity and drive cost reductions. With a proven track record we identify solutions that make sense to your business, are cost effective and will meet your long term goals. We are located in the Dallas metro and have been in business since 1998 with BPO operations in India. We are a Microsoft Certified Partner.